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Each New Day


Hello My Wanderers!


So here I am with my routines in chaos and my house isn’t really functioning much – except for me doing dishes and cooking a lot!

I have to keep reminding myself how each new day is a new start in my routines and healthy choices. So here is what is and is not working for me.

What is NOT working for me:

  • not keeping up on my routines
  • not being able to get out of the house with my son daily (we’ve had crappy weather the last week-ish)
  • not getting up earlier in the morning for a few asanas
  • not being more active with my child

What IS working for me:

  • doing a load of dishes in the afternoon before cooking dinner
  • going to bed after I put my son to bed
  • drinking more water

From here what I need to do is:

  • reconsider my routines
  • quit talking myself out of my morning asanas
  • love myself daily


What is/isn’t working for you today? What will you do to let your inner Goddess/God out today?