The beginning


Hello darling wanderers!


I am here to find my inner Goddess and to document the adventure! I know She is in me, however I have let life get in the way of Her shining through me!

I am going to be present in each moment. Working to let go of the habits that don’t work for me and to hold on to the habits that express my soul clearly!

Habits that aren’t working:

  • eating meat
  • being lazy
  • running (being busy every day) constantly
  • not keeping track of my energies (money)
  • not picking up till my temple (home) looks horrible

Habits that I want to incorporate in my life:

  • daily yoga
  • daily meditation
  • vegetarian/vegan diet
  • daily tracking of my energies
  • daily cleaning (FlyLady)
  • encouraging my love (husband) to be a proactive part of our (my son & my) lives
  • creating a natural home and life ❤

Today is the day to make a change in my life!

  • I brought lunch to work instead of ordering out and granted I didn’t think much about dinner but I can probably hold out till I get home tonight to eat.
  • I will be in bed by 10pm
  • I will have done one load of dishes and at least one, if not two loads of laundry!

What will you do today to change your life? How will you let your inner Goddess out today?

Blessings and Love!



About Ally

Things you should know about me. I am a 30-something mom of two little boys and two cats and one fluff ball of a dog. I am married to my best friend. I have the heart of a gypsy but live with a man content with thing never changing. I love reading, movies, gardening, walking, yoga, painting, cooking, drawing, talking, and active listening.

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